A50 manual
A50 manual

A50 manual


The A50 Manuale  with Atex II 3 GD certification, is the manual gun cleaner in Aisi 304 stainless steel designed for manual cleaning with dispensing brush for spray guns with water based detergent.


  • Lower shelf for detergent drum. 
  • Pneumatic supply (pneumatic double diaphragm pump).
  • Supplied with filtration and vapor extraction system with Venturi.
MISURE PxLxA 660x500x1500 mm
POMPA ebara
PESO 40 kg
  • Working Grid
  • Dispenser Brush with filter
  • kit to separate paint from water
  • System of flocculation of the paint
  • Air gun for final drying
  • 30 lt Basin
  • Cabin DoorWater gun
  • Carrozzeria
  • Paint factory

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  • spray gun washing
  • washing with water based detergent
  • washing by dispenser brush

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